The huge amount of expenditures for procuring materials in the Indonesian Industry undoubtedly requires best practice organization and professionals to manage it. In the past, there was under PSC that decide to outsource the whole of its procurement functions to the third party. This company believe that procuring materials is not the core activity (and hence core competence) of an oil & gas company. But they regretted this decision, and now they decided to in source back this function. Of course in the exploration and production are the core competence, but these have to be supported by strong and professional procurement function. In fact, another Indonesian oil & gas company believes strongly that the procurement function should be empowered instead and raised its status from service function to support function. They do not stop there, they even change the procurement function to Supply Chain Function. Almost all companies now adopted this name for their procurement function This course will discuss the development of Supply Chain function, especially the future trend, best practices and compliance to so many government regulations.

Who Should Attend

Managers and Staff of :

  • Procurement functions
  • Warehouse Functions
  • Inventory Planner
  • Logistics Function
  • Materials Specialists

Benefit of Attending

Improve the knowledge and skills in managing materials procurement. Aware of the new trend in industry procurement in Indonesia. Understand the latest government regulations in materials procurement industry in Indonesia.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Is Procurement function a service or a support function? What is its significance?
    2. Looking back at the history of procurement
    3. The fact: no school to become buyer
    4. Basic Principles of Materials Management
    5. Five Rights in Materials procurement
      1. Right Price
      2. Right Quantity
      3. Right Quality
      4. Right Time
      5. Right Source
    6. The Evolution from Buying to Purchasing to Procurement to Supply Chain
  2. Purchasing Management
    1. Purchasing Cycle
    2. Demand Management and Forecasting
    3. Supplier Selection and Rating
    4. Tender Process
    5. Owner's Estimate
    6. Quality Assurance
    7. Negotiation
    8. Government Regulation on Procurement
      1. Keppres 80 and its derivatives
      2. PTK 007
      3. Local Content (TKDN)
      4. Professional Certification in Purchasing
  3. Inventory Management
    1. Materials for Production
    2. Materials for Exploration
    3. Materials for Projects
    4. Materials for Maintenance operations
    5. Materials for Service operations
    6. Service Level
    7. Safety Stock
    8. Demo: Monte Carlo Simulation of Safety Stock
    9. Professional Certification in Inventory Management
  4. Material Skill
    1. Material Knowledge
    2. Material Skill
    3. Value Analysis
    4. Buying from OEM
  5. Vendor Management
  6. Warehouse Management

Tempat :

Tanggal :
23 - 24 April 2018

Biaya Investasi :
Rp. 4.000.000 / peserta

Pembayaran Melalui :
Bank Mandiri
Cab. Warung Buncit, Jakarta
AC. 127.0001044377 a/n

Informasi Pendaftaran :
CS : Sisca
Telp : (021) 781 5858 / 781 9844
Fax : (021) 7883 8781
Email :


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